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Get a fresh, modern appeal for your home redesign with luxury vinyl flooring

In terms of home design and decorating, homeowners have so many more options to choose from than just a few years ago. Without exception, one of the most impressive advancements in the flooring industry is luxury vinyl. Although appearance and durability greatly improved, luckily luxury vinyl is still very cost-effective. Now, modern luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and luxury vinyl planks (LVP) can handle a lot more traffic, manufactured as a high-performance material. What other features make this flooring alternative such a great choice? Let’s go over several advantages that may just have you changing your mind about getting any other kind!

Fashionable lookalike styles

First and foremost, LVT and LVP are increasingly popular because of their fashionable lookalike styles. If you have a particular flooring type you’d like to have but cannot afford, then consider the lookalike option in vinyl. From ceramic to wood, these styles are so similar to the original ones that you may not even be able to tell them apart! Be sure to check them out in our showroom.

Soft, warm to the touch

Now, here's something truly unique to luxury vinyl, as it is softer and warmer to the touch than many other flooring alternatives. As such, these tiles or planks make it much more comfortable to stand or walk on for extended periods. That’s a feature your body will certainly be thankful for!

Easy to install and replace

Depending on the type of look you choose, some vinyl floors don’t require sealing as they use a caulk-like grout instead. Many plank models use a simple installation technique. As these installation methods are so simple, it also makes it easier to replace either sections or the whole floor.

Quick cleaning, simple upkeep

Vinyl doesn't require rigorous cleaning methods, nor does it need complicated upkeep schedules. Typically, all you have to do is a quick sweep every day or so, plus occasional damp mopping when things look a lit dirty.

Cushioned absorption, noise reduction

Remember how we mentioned it’s softer to the touch? Well, thanks to that feature, you’re assured a flooring that absorbs a lot of movement, and therefore, increases noise reduction. Add it to any space and adsorb sounds between rooms and even between floors.

Luxury vinyl flooring store

As one of the leading luxury vinyl flooring stores in the state, we offer exceptional assistance and quality materials at our Chickasha, OK showroom. At All American Home Center, you’re assured a luxury vinyl flooring retailer than truly cares about your upcoming home makeover.

Serving the Anadarko, Blanchard, Chickasha, Marlow, Tuttle, and Minco areas, let us help you narrow down which options would be best for your redesign.